I am AliceHumanSacrifice and I make wallpapers, I am well known on Deviant Art for them, I enjoy ponies and I love to talk about them, I don't mind any questions asked
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A Tumblr user needs help!


  1. Alice (http://ahswonderland.tumblr.com/) needs help. Her mum, herself and her family are going to be evicted by the local housing association if they don’t pay £110 by Monday. I’ve given her £10, which is hard enough for me to do, as I’m facing the same struggles.

    The family has been affected by the cuts in the UK. Her brother has been sanctioned by the job center. She lost her disability because she is “fit for work”, which is a lie. 

    They will be able to pay, they just need more time, which they aren’t being given. Please, please help them!

    They absolutely cannot be homeless. Her and her mother are disabled, they have small animals. They need their home.

    If you can’t give anything, then just reblog this.


    Alice’s paypal: alice-human-sacrifice@hotmail.co.uk

please help

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for those that follow this blog for my sims my actual sims 3 blog is AHS Sims

so follow that one instead

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